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Yoga Vs. Gym

Now a days peoples are run behind their body health and they are aware and conscious about their health. So, some peoples choose yoga to stay fit and some have tendency to go for gym. Now the question can be arise in people’s mind which is better to do whether yoga or gym. As far as this concerns, depending upon your goals you can choose either of them.

Yoga means ‘To know your body in the optimum possible way’ while Gym means ‘To grow your body in the optimum possible way’.

Let's list down some of the important factors and discuss the role of yoga and gym with respect to those factors to analyse in an easy manner, which of the two would work better for you.

  1. Outcomes:

Yoga can help in a many things that gymming cannot, but it delivers outcome over a period of time. Yoga take longer span to achieve outcomes. However, with gym sessions, you can achieve outcome at a much quicker than yoga.

The time gymming takes lesser span to deliver a fitter body rather than yoga.

Yoga is act on internal organ as well so it benefits not only physically but also mentally and spiritually while gymming is only focus on physique.

  1. Demographic

Yoga is varied in nature and anyone, irrespective of any demographic factor, can practice yoga. On the other hand, to work out at a gym, you need to be of a certain age group and not everyone is appropriate to have a strenuous gym session.

  1. Weight loss

If you have only goal to reduce weight then gym can more helpful than yoga. Yoga can help to reduce weight but it takes more span than gym. By gymming you can achieve fit body with get rid of extra belly fat.

  1. Tension

Gymming is not give tension free qualities, it is offer only good physique while yoga is widely known for its stress relieve qualities and yoga is best way to get rid of from stress.

  1. Price tag

Yoga can do anywhere without any equipment and you can set various position without much cost while for gymming you need equipment at home or at gym. So, gymming is more costlier than yoga.


Despite of these major differences in yoga and gym, one can’t say which is better than the other. It all comes down to the goals you are looking at while planning your work out sessions.

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