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Nutmeg : Give relief to 8 problems

Nutmeg is a spice that is known for its special scent and taste. Nutmeg does not only increase eating taste, but it also affects many health problems as a drug. You can drink nutmeg with milk. So, know the advantages and method of use of nutmeg.

Method of use

Mix and grind nutmeg in hot milk and drink it.


  1. Indigestion

Nutmeg and milk both have fibers. Drinking this drink improves digestive tract and does not cause constipation.

  1. Alzheimer

Nutmeg milk contains antioxidants, which elevates memory and reduce the chance of Alzheimer disease.

  1. Anemia

In nutmeg milk, Iron found in very well amount. So, that is beneficial in the disease of anemia.

  1. Healthy Hair

Nutmeg milk is rich source of copper. So, the hair become black and plump by drinking it.

  1. Asthma

Nutmeg milk having antibacterial property which helps to prevent asthmatics.

  1. Cold and Cough

Nutmeg milk has a very hot efficacy. So, this drink is very beneficial in the treatment of colds and cough.

  1. Glowing skin

By drinking this healthy drink removes toxins and harmful substances from the body and it will give glow the skin.

  1. Strong Teeth

Both milk and nutmeg contain phosphorus. So, taking these two together strengthens the teeth.

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